How to Make Your UOI Planning Easier!

Do you ever feel frustrated when planning for a unit of inquiry? Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming- there's just so much to consider. Today I'm sharing something that worked really well for my team. I hope you find it helpful!

Planning Conceptual Understandings, Unit of Inquiry, Creating a Thoughtful Classroom
My PYP co-ordinator shared the book, Taking the Complexity Out of Concepts, with me last spring during a concept-based teaching workshop. It is an excellent resource and I highly recommend it!

Written by authors from the Innovative Global Education (IGE), the book shares loads of practical information for teachers trying to implement a conceptual curriculum.

The planning template (IGE Model for Formulating Conceptual Understandings) is SO HELPFUL as it guides your thinking through the planning process to ensure that you focus on the concepts that will drive the inquiry.

As you can see from the picture above, we used the template to plan our Who We Are unit. Referring to our Making the PYP Happen book and the PSPE scope and sequence along the way, we followed the steps from 1 to 5. Great discussion and professional collaboration. Everyone was engaged and contributing- a true planning session. Don't you just love it when a meeting is actually worth your time?! ;)

We later added causation as a key concept and developed the following central idea: A balanced lifestyle promotes growth and development. I'll be blogging soon about how our unit went, so stay tuned!

Here is a "cheat sheet" template if you'd like to use it. I hope it helps you in your planning!

Planning Conceptual Understandings, Unit of Inquiry, Creating a Thoughtful Classroom
What do you do to help organize and focus your planning efforts?

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  1. I love this book! I'm so happy to see you're still working with, growing and learning the PYP, including taking your own reflections further through blogging. I'd like to get in touch by email if possible. 😊 Kassandra


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