Making Words with the Name Game

Hi friends! I'm back after a LONG back-to-school break from blogging! Now that this year is underway and I can breathe, I have a chance to share what we've been doing.  :)

Here's a quick and easy way to get some word work in during morning meeting- The Name Game! Thanks to my teammate, Mary, for the idea. My kids LOVE it!

Sorry it's blurry- good old iphone!

Each day, I create this simple chart for the day's line leader (or special helper, whatever you do in your class). As you can see, I use red and blue post-its to show vowels and consonants, which mimics the magnetic letters many of our kids are familiar with.

During the morning meeting, we identify the vowels, consonants and any other interesting features, like double letters or digraphs. Then students brainstorm as many words as they can.

This name was great! (No relation to the syrup dynasty- LOL! My American friends know what I'm talkin' about). Liam has a double consonant and a digraph in his last name, so it was perfect for reinforcing the concept that phonemes match graphemes, which are NOT always single letters! Graphemes can be single-letter, digraphs (2 letters) or trigraphs (3 letters). I remind students that doubles and digraphs are "letter teams" that cannot be split up (that's why we crossed out <two> and <eat>).  We are also able to discuss homophones quite a bit through this game (notice my "amazing" sketch of an ear to represent homophones.)

The whole activity takes about ten minutes and can be done any time of day- great for a "filler" lesson when you have those awkward chunks of time in your schedule. I just like to do it in the morning because the line leader is also the calendar helper.

After we count up the words, the student get to keep the chart and take it home- awesome, yes, I know!

Do you do any whole-group word work with your students?
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