All about Me Bags - Label FREEBIE

Hello, friends! This is a quick post to share a freebie with you! You might be swamped with BTS business like me, so I hope this helps you save some time!

Click on the picture to download!

I like to use the "All about Me Bag"/"Brown Bag Interview" activity the first week back, so I made labels to staple to the front. I forgot to grab some white bags from Target, so brown will just have to do. :)

I've copied them onto colored paper and labeled students' name and "return by" date.

You'll see that there's a "boy" label and a "girl" label. I usually send the bags home on the first day, stressing that students should only include 5 items (Yes, boys and girls, ONLY 5!) that can fit in the bag. We discuss and brainstorm items that might be good to include, like photos or small toys.

I ask that they be returned by the following week, and that's when we start sharing, about 2-4 bags per day during either Morning Meeting or Closing Circle.

I start school tomorrow! I'm excited to meet my little cuties, but still have some last minute stuff to get done! Have you started back yet??

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  1. This is an easy way for your students to practice listening and social skills. It will also allow them a chance to learn about their classmates' backgrounds and interests. Have a great first week back at school.

    Sugar Cube Learning

  2. Thanks, Angela! Hope you have a great week, too :)

  3. Thank you! This is perfect :)


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