Pin it to WIN it! Halloween Math Centers in 1st Grade

I love the fall season, and really miss it since I am teaching overseas. Luckily, Halloween is a big deal at my school- we actually have a HUGE carnival to celebrate! This year I created math centers to complement our work in number and operations in math workshop as well as the Halloween season! Find out how you can "pin to win" this 128 page resource that supports the Common Core!
Halloween Math Centers, Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

We've spent the 1st quarter on beginning addition and subtraction concepts. Of course, I have students at various levels of proficiency with word problems, so I created 3 levels of task cards: addition & subtraction within 5, within 10, and within 20. Each set of task cards has a coordinating recording sheet on which students can record equations. This holds them accountable and also serves as a formative assessment. Here's a peek at sample task cards....
Halloween Math Centers, Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

Students need concrete ways to model operations, so I've included fun math story mats to go along with each set of task cards! My students have a blast when they get the chance to imagine and act out these Halloween scenarios! There are "plain" scenic mats as well as ones with ten frames (pictured below) to help students strengthen connections for making ten when solving equations.
Halloween Math Centers, Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

We have spent time orally practicing forward and backward counting, as well as skip counting. Now it's time to practice skip counting in a more concrete way; I've included cards for counting by 2, 5 and 10, all with recording sheets.
Halloween Math Centers, Creating a Thoughtful Classroom
As you can see, I've included a ten frame match up activity, mystery equations and comparing sums to ten as other activities.

My students play games in the "Hands on" station of Math Workshop to reinforce skills and concepts we're learning, so I created games for counting on and counting back.
Halloween Math Centers, Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

I wanted to differentiate for my students, so you have the option of counting on/back by 1, 2 and/or 3 depending on what your students need and are ready for; all you need to do is select the appropriate cards! For my developing learners, we'll be starting off only with the cards that count on/back by 1, but for my more proficient students, I will mix all of the cards.

More games? Yup! Teen Bingo and Base 10 Boo are other games we'll be playing this month. You can download "Teen Bingo" for FREE in my TpT shop (Thanks for leaving feedback!)
Halloween Math Centers, Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

If you would like to win a FREE copy of Brewin' Up Math Centers for 1st Grade, do two things:
1) pin any of the images from this post
2) copy the URL from your pin and paste in in the comments with your email address

I will contact a winner by email by Friday!! Thanks for stopping by :)

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