Morning Meeting, Celebrating Students' Birthdays

If you teach K-2 you know that birthdays are a big deal, a really big deal, to your kiddos! Do you, or can you celebrate them at your school? We do in a few simple ways....
Creating a Thoughtful Classroom,  Birthdays at Morning Meeting

My school states in our handbook that students may bring in cupcakes for their classmates (we're a private school) to share at the end of the instructional day- I can live with this, and that's what we do. Short and sweet!

At the beginning of the day I also like to recognize the birthday boy or girl during morning meeting by making them a birthday cake, out of their friends of course! Huh? How is that possible?? It's something I picked up years ago at a Dr. Jean Workshop (her idea, of course!), and the kids LOVE it!!! Here's how it works....

All the kids hold hands to form a giant circle with the birthday child standing in the middle. He/she picks friends to be the candles. The friend-candles circle around the birthday child, inside the bigger cake/circle. Then, I usually "light" the candles by making a striking match sound ("shooop") and tapping each candle on their head. They respond by putting their hands up in a point above their heads. Finally, we all sing "Happy Birthday" and the kid of the day gets to make a wish and blow out each candle. I always remind them to aim at the TOPS of their friends' heads- "Don't blow your friend in the face!"

We celebrated a birthday this week, so here's how it looks.....

Adorable, right? The birthday girl is smiling so big she looks like she's gonna pop, right?! SO excited!

How do you recognize birthdays in your classroom community?

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  1. Birthdays are a big deal...not matter what the grade. My class gets a juice box and a crazy straw to drink it with. I also made a youtube playlist with a bunch of birthday videos...Justin Bieber singing Happy Birthday, Muppets singing, etc and the birthday person gets to choose the video.
    Chickadee Jubilee


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