"Bump Up Day" Meeting Next Year's Class

Does your school have a "Bump Up Day" when students visit the next grade level and meet their new teacher? It can help ease students' transition into the next year. Our school has held a Bump Up Day for the past few years, and we had ours this past week. My colleague (and fabulous friend), Mary, planned a wonderful activity with her new soon-to-be firsties and I'd like to share it with you- keep reading!

Per a recommendation from our librarian, Mary read this book, Something Special by David Mc Phail. I hadn't heard of it as it's an older book, but a fantastic one nonetheless.

Me & my girl, Mary!
Note the matching earrings (not planned!) That's what happens when you shop together!!
It's a sweet story of how Sam the racoon doesn't think he can do "something special" yet everyone around him seems to have a talent of their own. The illustrations are adorable. McPhail's style reminds me of Rosemary Wells, just plain cute and cuddly!

However, Sam eventually discovers that he has a talent for art. It's not long before others are admiring him!


Based on the book, Mary was inspired to email her students' current kindergarten teachers to ask what that particular child's strengths were (obviously, you need your class list in advance). She then made these sweet cards written by Timmy, her class mascot (the Tiger is our school mascot).
Imagine being a student in Mary's class and getting one of these precious cards on Bump Up Day- how cool? What a nice way to build relationships with your students! Love it!

Does your school have a Bump Up Day? What activities or books do you like to share with your new students?
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  1. That is AWESOME and kids LOVE to get mail! It's just like Mary to think of something this Cool for student's she hasn't even had yet! That's just the kind of teacher she is!


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