End of the Year Class Memory Book

22 days and counting. The end is near! How do you commemorate the year with your class? I like to have my students create a class book together, and then each child gets their own copy. It's our school year, "everything from A to Z"! Check it out....
First, I start by creating an alphabet chart to record our ideas. Students brainstorm things we've done and topics we've learned about over the course of the year for each letter. My students were stumped on "Z", but I had a plan for that! Keep reading...
Once that's done, I have them color their cover so I can back them with black construction paper and get them laminated along with a plain sheet of black construction paper to serve as the back cover. They LOVE the Melonheadz clip art!!

The next day, we take a vote on which idea (if there are more than 1) someone will write about for that particular letter. Then I draw names and let students pick which letter page they'd like to write. I have 19 students, so there were extra letters, but my "eager beavers" were happy do write a second page for the book!

The next step is writing! I have students rehearse out loud what they want to write with a partner before they run it by me. I encourage them to explain how that word was important to our class and what we learned this year. If it makes sense then students head off to their desks to write the page in pencil.
Have you seen our Homophone Wall?

After we edit for conventions, students illustrate their page and trace over both their drawing and writing with a black pen so that it will photocopy nicely.

Finally, the book is ready to be sent to the copy room - 19 sets, please!

After our class book is copied, the awesome staff in the copy room binds it with the front and back covers we prepared earlier. Hooray, our book is done!

The kids feel like total rock stars, having written a class book that they can take home and keep to read over and over again!

So what about the page for "Z"?? I made a page and inserted it into the book- something the kids can personalize and illustrate on their own.

My kiddos loved reading through their books!

My lesson plan for this end of the year memory book is included in "Everything from A to Z", but this alphabet book template that can be used in a variety of ways!

I've included various covers to suit your needs. Alphabet books for any topic...

Or memory books for the end of the year...

Many schools use specific handwriting programs, so I have also included 3 different styles of handwriting paper.
Here's what one teacher said about "Everything from A to Z",
If you're interested in making an alphabet book with your class, you can see the full preview of "Everything from A to Z" by clicking HERE.

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  1. I absolutely love that, Karli! We have a paper shortage at school this year so not sure if I could pull it off, but I'm going to think about it:)

    Grade ONEderful

  2. Thanks, Barbara! Maybe you could ask parents to donate a couple packages of copy and construction paper (they could get it from an office supply store), and you could just staple them if you don't have the opportunity to bind them. Just a thought. My kids really loved their books!
    Thanks again for your sweet comment! Enjoy the rest of your school year,


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