Fractions in First Grade! Math Mentor Text

What books do you like to use when introducing fractions to your students? I'm sharing one of my favorite titles today as I link up with Collaboration Cuties for Must-Read Mentor Texts.

One of the reasons that I like this book is because it focuses on fractions of a GROUP. A lot of books and teaching materials at the first grade level mainly concentrate on fractions of a whole, so students tend to over generalize and get confused when faced with the "other kind" of fraction. My students were having a hard time realizing that fractions aren't always about dividing shapes or cutting pizza! I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!!

The story takes place in Australia as evidenced by the adorable animal characters, all native to the land down under. As part of their summer camp, they participate in a Field Day.

This is another reason I love this book- all of our kids have also joined in on some kind of Field Day so they easily relate to the examples of splitting up the 12 campers to make equal teams.

After reading the book, I had students act it out. We'd start with a 12 member team and divide up into groups by half, thirds and fourths. Of course we did this enough times for everyone to get a turn! My students loved this book and simple kinaesthetic activity, and it really helped them to develop their understanding of fractions. I think this book would be helpful in grades 1-4; it's not just for the little ones!

Lastly, I love the message behind the book- one of sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation. If you haven't read it, I won't spoil the ending, but it's sweet! Check it out!

About a week after reading this book and working on fractions in math workshop, we made these fun "Flower Fractions" from RaraDT. Click HERE to get to her TpT store. Be sure to leave her some sweet feedback for this awesome freebie!

I copied the templates on to construction paper and my kids went to town! They LOVE arts and crafts. We did this on the day before spring break and there was LASER-like focus! I'm not kidding, you could hear a pin drop. Music to my ears :)

Sorry I don't have a photo of a finished product...we ran out of time, so my friends still need to finish after the break!

Be sure to stop by Collaboration Cuties if you are looking for some more great math mentor texts! Thanks for stopping by & have a great week!
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  1. Fractions of a set are so hard! They just don't see the sets! My 4th graders struggle with this! This is a great way to help them understand! Acting it out would definitely help! Thanks so much for sharing this book!


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