Earth Day Celebrations!

Happy Earth Day, everyone!
Twice a year we have a school-wide assembly (PK-grade 12), for United Nations Day and Earth Day. This morning when we gathered in the gym, we arrived rockin' our "Planet Protector" headbands! They came out really cute! What do you think???

If you'd like a copy, click HERE.

Students from various grades presented poetry, persuasive essays and reported about action they had taken towards sustainability. Students from the high school also shared the following video, "A Plastic State of Mind". Definitely gets you thinking...

Back in the classroom we discussed choices they could make, even though they are young and their parents make a lot of decisions for them, to help protect the planet. We talked about the attitudes of respect and appreciation. Here are the definitions we use in our class:
We discussed the concept of "value" as how much something is worth, or how important it is. I asked my kids what the the Earth is worth, and they said, "Everything!" They understood, then, how when you value something, you will also care for it. "If I value my friend, but I don't care about her, that doesn't make sense." Exactly! So we value and care for the Earth, therefore, we should respect it.

I compared appreciation to feeling thankful, something they all know. We talked about how we recognize, or notice good things in the world that we should be thankful for, like clean water and air, or even just a beautiful view. Again, my kids got the logic, "We should show that we appreciate the earth."

I like to ask students to share their ideas on a stickie, and then we all post them and share. I think this helps to hold them accountable for their thinking when we have discussions. It's so easy for some of them to tune out and let others do all the talking.
What can I do to protect the planet?

While some students were still working on their digital portfolios for conferences that take place at the end of this week, other students enjoyed working on this activity book by Rebecca Anderton of Teaching First. Don't forget to leave her some sweet feedback!
If you'd like a copy of the freebie, click HERE.

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  1. Thanks for your freebies to celebrate Earth Day. Can't wait to try them. Simply loved the
    Little Learners writing!
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage


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