Valentine Math Mentor Text - The Shape of My Heart

Hi everyone! Valentine's Day is just a few days away! I've got a beautiful book to share with you today that ties in a bit of geometry to this sweet holiday. The Shape of My Heart  by Mark Sperring is an adorable picture book that's worth checking out!

I would recommend this book to primary teachers only- the text is simple and basically a bedtime read. In my opinion, it's like the narrator is a parent explaining to his/her child how the world is made up of all sorts of shapes and images. If you are a parent of a little one, you'll want to grab a copy- your child will LOVE the illustrations done by Alys Paterson. My first graders were drawn to the colors and shapes! 
The Shape of My Heart
The Shape of My Heart
The Shape of My Heart
The Shape of My Heart

We have just finished a unit on 2D and 3D shapes, so this book allowed us to call upon our knowledge to examine the illustrations for the artist's use of plane shapes. The Shape of My Heart would be a great book to add to your collection when introducing 2D shapes with young learners (KG, 1). 

Currently, we are doing a unit on visual language, or how we communicate through nonverbal ways like art, body language, symbols and signals. As a class we had discussed the heart as a symbol for love and friendship, so when we read this book we talked about how the narrator was sharing his observations about the world as well as sharing what he loved about the world through the use of symbols and images.

I must confess that I discovered this book on Pinterest through Deep Space Sparkle when searching for "heart crafts" and art projects. Patty Palmer is the very talented art teacher who founded Deep Space Sparkle as a way to share wonderful lessons with parents and teachers. I purchased her lesson right from TpT and the Kindle version of the book from Amazon. I decided to use her lesson as a way for my kids to express themselves visually.
Here we are reading the Kindle book through my ipad on the big screen.

Similar to the book, students drew symbols and images of the things that they loved.

Then they painted them....

...and painted the backgrounds. I helped sprinkle salt on the watercolor for the cool effect it creates, but I'm not sure how it'll turn out; the paper was just plain construction paper, and it didn't seem to be working that well!

My students really enjoyed this lesson and put a lot of thought into their drawings. We'll share these together...tomorrow when they are dry! :)

Do you ever incorporate art into your content lessons? I plan to do it more often, using Deep Space Sparkle as a resource.

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  1. How cute! This looks like a sweet book and I love the art project you did. We don't do nearly enough art I'm class besides drawing our content notes. I wish we had more time!! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks so much :) I'm trying to integrate art more often. It's so hard with the time we have, but the kids love it so much, and they all need to explore their creative side more.
      Thanks for hosting!

  2. The paintings are sweet. I have that book too and just love it!

    1. Thanks, Barabara! Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!


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