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Hello friends! As I type this post, I am officially on winter break!!! HOORAAAAAYYYY!! We had an early dismissal at 11:00 and now I'm a free woman for the next 3 weeks! PTL! In the spirit of holiday cheer, I wanted to follow up on my last post about data and graphing with a FREEBIE for you that I made for my own class.

Here's how our class pictograph came out:

I used some cute fruit clip art from Creative to the Core. You can download it from TpT right HERE.

I made the following to assess my students' learning:

Click to download!

I hope you find it helpful!

I can't believe the first half of the school year is already over- it went by so quickly! I'm sure I'm not alone there! Anyone else need some rest?! My family and I head off to Bali (can't WAIT!) for a week's vacation, then we'll be back home to celebrate Christmas. I might not ever get any snow days in Bangladesh, but we can get to some amazing places from here! :)

How many days until your vacation? Wishing you all the best until then!
Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Just got a chance to browse your blog and I am so excited!! Welcome to the world of blogging!!

    This year has definitely flown by and I do not even get a vacation....
    Aside from awesomeness, what is in Bali? Have a very fun trip - I look forward to seeing pics..haha

    The 3AM Teacher

    1. Thanks, Michelle, you are so sweet!
      This will be our first trip to Bali - We'll be snorkeling, river rafting and chillin' at the beach. I will definitely share some photos!
      Enjoy the holidays with your family!!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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