Five for Friday from Bali!

Hello friends! Many of you are now on your winter break (woot-woot!), or are very close to it (stay strong!!) I'm finishing my first week off. The family and I are on holiday in Bali so I thought it'd be fun to share 5 random things from our trip so far for my first-ever link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five for Friday Linky! Come escape with me....!

OK, so one of the best perks of teaching overseas is that we have the opportunity to visit places that we may have otherwise not had, Bali, for example, is only a 6 hour flight from Bangladesh, so there you go! It is truly a magical place, so lush and green, just amazing. The Balinese people are very chill and hospitable- Bali is now one of my favorite places on earth!

For the first three days, we rented a villa in Ubud which is the cultural hub of Bali. My son, Payton, and I tried our hands at batik painting, pretty tricky! This is an ancient Balinese art form where hot wax is added to fabric, then died We got lots of one-on-one attention from this batik artist:

Here he shows the "pen" used for the painting. You can't really see it, but the small black pot in the middle is full of HOT wax. You have to dip the pen in that pot filling the little pot on the top.

Here I am trying to keep a steady hand on my drawing. It was hard to manage how much wax would come out- I had my share of drips!

After painting with the wax you must dye the fabric, then put it in a boiling hot pot of soapy water.

Voila! Our finished products! The whole process took about two hours, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Our teacher and his two assistants had LOTS of patience! :)

While in Ubud, we also visited a place where they make special "Luwak" coffee. Now this is pretty interesting!....This is a luwak:

It's a nocturnal mammal native to Bali. It kind of looks like a ferret. So... the luwak eats whole berries which have a bean inside. The berry is digested and the bean comes out the other end (I think you know what I mean!)- as seen at the right in the picture, the beans are light colored. The beans are then washed, roasted and ground into coffee. The coffee has a strong, but not very bitter taste.

Because of the long process involving the luwak, the coffee is special to Bali and pretty expensive if it's offered elsewhere, say $50 a cup.  Hmm...make Starbucks look like a bargain!

We also visited the Bali Zoo which was a bit of a drive outside of Ubud and saw some pretty amazing animals... this peacock that I thought was gonna attack me! Luckily I snapped a quick pic and kept movin'!

This here is Jack, a 32 year old orangutan. He was pretty funny- he holds his hand out because he's used to people throwing him bananas which he peels then eats whole! If you look closely, there's one sticking out of his mouth!

Number four is reserved for the delicious tropical fruit I tried, some for the first time ever!

My favorite is the mangosteen- it's got white flesh inside of a cute little apple-like skin. It's sweet and yummy!

After visiting Ubud, we've moved on to Candidassa in East Bali, a relatively quiet little seaside town. Time to relax! We are at a lovely small resort, Aquaria. I'll leave you with my view from my room:

I hope you are, or soon-to-be, enjoying a WONDERFUL winter break!!!! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!!
Thanks for stopping by :)

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  1. I love Bali and Ubud is our fav place in the whole world. I am a coffee nut and leewak coffee is magic! make sure you take advantage of the foot massages - grab one everyday for about $5.If you are in Legian find Garlic Lane for markets and Poppies Lane for food.
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  2. Wow, what an awesome adventure to be on! Enjoy your break. Thanks for sharing!!


  3. What an exciting vacation to embark on. Enjoy your holiday break. Happy Holidays!

    Elementary School Garden

  4. Wow! What an amazing adventure to go on! Enjoy!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  5. Oh my goodness Karli!
    I loved this post so much. I have a serious traveling addiction and could read and watch travel stuff all day. Too bad working gets in the way. :) Thanks so much for sharing all this with us all the way from Bali. I hear the Hilton there is quite grand. I look forward to your next post.
    :) Shelley
    The Perks of Teaching Primary


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