Back in Bali! A Vacation Reflection

Hi friends! Isn't it great to be on break??!! We are back home after our trip and I couldn't resist sharing a few more highlights from Bali. Relaxation  was what I needed, and it's certainly what I got. I feel ready to go back to school recharged and a lot less stressed! I knew I needed to slow down a bit, but I didn't realize just how much. What a great reminder about trying to live a balanced life.

Warning: there is nothing school-related in this post, so continue reading at your own risk and take a virtual trip as I recount a few more highlights from my trip! It's my own "Five for Friday" post! Ha, ha!

We went to a traditional dance performance known as Kecak (kuh-chak). It was pretty interesting, but hard to follow because I am not familiar with the Hindu tales it is intended to recount.

Male performers chant in a circle while other actors depict a battle from the Ramayana, a Hindu epic Since it was raining that night, we watched the performance at the temple, but it is usually performed in more of an open-air stage.

At the end of the chant, a bunch of coconut husks are set ablaze  for the fire dance. Here's a short clip that I recorded:

The fire dance lasted a good 10 minutes or so and those husks were HOT. After all that, the performer was fine. I don't know how, but he was!

I know you are all familiar with Charlie's Chocolate Factory, right? Well, did you know that there actually is a Charly's Chocolate Factory??? You can find it in Bali....

I use the term "factory" loosely! It took all of 3 mins to get a tour. It is more like a cute little hut with circular windows. See....

It turns out you don't need that much to make chocolate- only about 3 machines do the trick. They grind the cocoa beans, mix it with sweet coconut syrup, add a fattening agent and set it in some molds, and there you go! They specialize in dark chocolate and I thought it was DELICIOUS! It was all organic, too.

The factory was started by an American (whose name is really Charly) who wanted to create jobs for some of the locals. They also make natural soaps out of coconut and palm oils. Unfortunately, Charly was not there when we visited; I have heard he is quite the character and I would have loved meeting him. Maybe next time!

Ladies hand-wrap the homemade soaps and box them up for shipping.

The factory sits on the edge of a beautiful beach, and they happen to have this huge swing there- quite a novelty. My boys had fun swinging while I taste-tested the goods- what a sweet deal!

After our visit to the Chocolate Factory, we went to White Sand Beach which was about a 15 minute drive from our resort. It was beautiful- the water was a clear turquoise green. The boys rented some snorkels and saw some tropical fish right there near the beach- awesome!
Here's a picture of my son, Payton. This picture doesn't do the beach any justice as it was a little overcast outside.

I went to this fabulous little shop in Candidassa which sold natural soaps and aroma products. Everything was made on site- essential oils, incense, creams and lotions- feel-good stuff. I snagged some aroma oils to bring back for a sweet-smelling home!

And of course, we celebrated Christmas at our home in Dhaka with a big dinner (including one of our favorite desserts, pecan pie) with family and friends. Here's a shot of my son, Jalen, next to our (fake, white, Charlie Brown-like) Christmas tree, which we've had for years- the only one we could get here! We love it, regardless :)

So with New Year's on the horizon, what are your plans? I'll probably be in my pj's on the couch with Big Mike and the boys watching a movie- wild & crazy, I know!!!

Whatever your plans, be safe and enjoy every moment!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Just got back from dr getting jabs to visit Bali in 2 weeks. Excited to read your post. It made me smile. My New Year plans sound like yours....heavenly!
    Take care
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

    1. Oh Juile, I'm sure you'll love it!!! You Aussies are so lucky to be so close to Bali! I hope my post gave you some ideas :) Have a blast!!!

  2. It sounded like a great trip! Thanks for sharing it. I can't believe how grown-up your boys are. It is wonderful that you have traveled so much. I talked to your dad the other day. He seems to be doing well.
    Happy New Year!


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