Teaching TIME- Math Mentor Texts!

Hello everyone! As usual, I'm linking up with Amanda & Stacia from Collaboration Cuties for their weekly linky, "Must-Read Mentor Texts"! This week's focus in on math, so I'm here to share a couple of great books for teaching units of time as we're starting a new unit on measurement.

The first book is great for K-2nd. A Second Is a Hiccup introduces students to the basic units for measuring time by comparing them to real-life examples and familiar situations. The book introduces seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

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I also really like this book because of it's rhyme- makes for a pleasurable read aloud that the kids enjoy again and again.

My second recommendation is Me Counting Time: From Seconds to Centuries. This book also introduces (or reviews, depending on your grade level) students to the units of measurement for time, however, it includes larger units such as decades, centuries, and millennia, making it appropriate for older grades as well. It presents an opportunity to discuss how we covert units of time, for example, 10 years is equal to 1 decade. I'm thinking that I will present some of my stronger math students with some time-related story problems.

What are you learning about in math? Be sure to check out other math mentor texts over at Collaboration Cuties!

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Get Karli!
    I have not seen the book a second is a hiccup but I love that it relates time in real world situations! Kids rarely have a sense of time!!

    Thanks so much for linking up!!!
    Collaboration Cuties

  2. I've never seen this book before, but it looks great! I love the way it helps students really understand time.

  3. I love this book. It is so important to get students to relate telling time to their own lives not just something we do in class for two weeks then look at digital clocks the rest of the year : )

    1. Great point! I totally agree and really make an effort to teach them WHY we tell time and how it helps us in our daily lives.


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