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How do you teach your students to revise their personal narratives? This can be a "painful" process- let's face it! Most early elementary students don't think they need to "make their stories better", however, all of them DO benefit from the revising process. Today I'm sharing how I created an anchor chart for revision strategies!

I've been using Lucy Calkins Units of Study as my main resource for this unit on personal narratives. You can read an earlier post about it HERE

As part of "Bend II" in Lucy's unit, I presented lessons on how students could revise their writing to enhance the overall quality of the piece. Lucy proposes three strategies:
  1. "Unfreeze" the People
  2. Tell Small Steps
  3. Bring the Inside Out
I created these cards to go along with the strategies because I wanted some nice pictures to go on my anchor chart. I typically do not spend a lot of time creating anchor charts because I find that the way I teach something often changes from year to year, so I don't often save them, gasp! Besides, I usually don't have the time to make them look "pinworthy"! I focus on making anchor charts that are clear, concise and easy for my students to read & understand!

Click on the image to grab your free copy!
To make my anchor chart, I folded a piece of chart paper (that's my trick for even spacing!) and mapped put where I'd glue the pictures. I pre-numbered the strategies, but only introduced one at a time during the workshop.

I taught theses strategies over the course of 4 days through min-lessons, adding them to the anchor chart (left side) as we went. On the fourth day, we reviewed them all as a way to summarize our learning- that's when I added the hand written notes on the anchor chart (right side).

As for the strategies themselves, they are pretty straightforward for students to understand.
"Unfreeze" the People encourages students to include actions and dialogue (through speech bubbles) in their drawings. Tell Small Steps is all about zooming in, really capturing the small moment, or heart of the story. Bring the Inside Out encourages students to share how the characters thought and felt.

Now that we've finished revising, we are editing with partners for publication! We'll share our finished books with parents at next week's fall conference.

How do you teach revision to your students?

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