Kinesthetic Skip-Counting Strategies!

Do you practice counting during math or calendar time? We do, but it can be so boring! Today I'm sharing some of the ways we practice counting kinesthetically! You know how much the brain loves movement!

Ok, first up is counting by 5's. What better way than to use your hands, of course! We start with our fists up by our shoulders, and then we flash a "group of five", a.k.a., our fingers by opening our hand! Students alternate and count on,...and on!

You can't forget to count by 10's! Yes, you guessed it- we flash both hands...5+5=10, but this time we jazz it up a bit by crossing our arms :) Have a look at this cute firstie:

Clip art: Graphics From the Pond

Now, it's time to count by 2's- this is a little trickier! We count sets of 2's starting with our eyes, and work our way down to our feet which is a great reminder to students that we've made a set of 10, like their toes!

Integrating movement into learning activities can be really simple like these examples, yet it has the potential to make a big difference in some students' learning depending on their learning styles and strengths. Besides, movement makes learning fun! What kinds of kinesthetic activities do you like to integrate into your lessons?

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  1. We do lots of movement, too, when we count. But I really like your "counting by two" actions.
    Thank you!


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