How to Set Up a Facebook Fans Tab- Tutorial Tips!

If you have a facebook page for your blog, have you added a special tab for fans yet? Well, after watching two excellent tutorials, plus a little troubleshooting, I finally did it. Today I'm sharing how I meshed both video tutorials to set up my own tab- miracle of miracles, let me tell you! I'm pretty good with technology, but not as good as most - so when I actually got the tab set up and working properly, I was VERY happy! ;) hee, hee!
Take a look at my little ol' facebook page with its new tab!

I first watched a two-video tutorial by Ashley Hughes of The School Supply Addict (click HERE to go directly to it). She claims she is not the technology whisperer- she's way too humble; the girl is, ok!

Ashley's first video shows you how to download the HTML Fangate application from The second video explains how to customize your tab and add content. In this video Ashley explains how you can add multiple freebies to your tab, and your fans only need to click on the image for a direct download- fabulous! This is very similar to how many bloggers share freebies right from their blogs (GoogleDrive, Dropbox...) So, if you want to keep adding freebies to the tab, this seems to be the way to go!

The second amazing tutorial is by Christi of Ms. Fultz's Corner (click HERE to go directly to it). Christi explains things so clearly and simply, even I could understand! ;)

Christi also uses Woobox HTML Fangate, however, she shows you how set up what images people will see if they "like" your page, and if they are not yet fans. Chrisit posts one freebie at a time, and displays a picture of the freebie which is visible to fans only.

My two cents.... Here's what my settings looks like once I'm in there:
Make sure you click on the green "Save Settings" button!
These settings allow me to display a picture that prompts readers to like my page, and then once they do, they will have access to multiple freebies (I can keep adding to the collection instead of changing it from month to month.)
Click HERE if you'd like to see how my facebook page (with its glorious new tab) looks! In the near future I will be adding freebies just for fans that won't be shared on my blog.

I hope this post helps you to add your own tab! Make sure to check out Ashley's and Christi's videos! Good luck!
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  1. I used the same sites to help me build my fan tab, and they are fantastic!! The only thing I'm having trouble with is trying to add more than one freebie to my FB fan page. How were you able to do it?? I appreciate any tips or tricks you can give!! :-)

    Warmest Wishes Erin from Kindergarten Dragons


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