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Have you ever used ebooks in your classroom? If you haven't, they make for a convenient, not to mention economical, form of shared reading, at least for me! Downloadable to your laptop or tablet, you can easily project them for the class to read.

Today I'm linking up with Amanda and Stacia (super-sweet ladies!) at Collaboration Cuties for their fabulous "Must Read Mentor Text" linky to share a delightful NEW (so new it's not even out yet!) book with you called Blucy! It's an ebook written by the lovely Julia Dweck, who also happens to be a classroom teacher!
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In this playful rhyming book, the main character, Mandy, adopts a cat from the local animal shelter not knowing that she has a tendency to change color- blue! Blucy is a bit moody like most cats, and she likes what she likes- mostly things that are blue.

Blucy is filled with wonderfully vivid illustrations!
Mandy has some trouble training her new pet, but she does manage to figure out how to get Blucy to listen and obey. After a fun tale of mischief, Blucy comes to understand how much Mandy cares for her in the end.

I like Blucy because it's fiction with a bit of fantasy and imagination mixed in- kids love that! They think, "What if a cat really could turn blue?!?!" Children also love stories about animals and relate well to stories about pets- something to which many of them have a personal self-to-text connection.

In addition to the story being engaging, the illustrations (done by Erika LaBarre- can you say talented?) are absolutely captivating! Gorgeous chalk-pastel pictures that your kids will pour over!

The rich language in Blucy lends itself perfectly to teaching many reading and writing strategy mini-lessons:

  • context clues
  • vocabulary- synonyms
  • fluency
  • writing- word choice
  • point of view
  • character traits
  • story elements

Like I mentioned, Blucy is a NEW ebook; it is on pre-sale at 20% off until August 12th. (FYI-I am not an Amazon affiliate and get NO compensation for this review.) That is a fraction of the cost of a new hardcover picture book! Go check it out HERE- what a deal!

Don't forget to head over to the Must Read Mentor Text Linky to read up on some other great titles!

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  1. I've never heard of Blucy! I might have to check it out :) I'm always looking for new books to add to my Writing Toolkit :)

    Thanks so much for sharing,
    My Shoe String Life
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  2. How fun! How do you use these in the classroom? Can you put it up on a projector or do you use tablets? I love this idea!!

    Very cute! Thank you for linking up!
    Collaboration Cuties

    1. You can do both- project and use for buddy reading on the tablets. For example, after using an ebook for shared reading on the projector, it makes for a great book to use for fluency practice with a partner (during "read to someone" time). I plan to blog about it once I get a hold of my new class and reading workshop in underway! ;)
      Thanks for hosting such a great linky!!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to share such a blue-tee-ful review for Blucy. BTW: Blucy will be available on all three major distributors, but if you purchase from Amazon, you can download their free "cloud reader," or the "Kindle app" which enables you to also view on your Mac or pc. You can project from there and also from your iPad. :)

  4. Hi Karli,
    This book looks so fun and I totally agree, kids love books about pets/animals! I love that you are able to teach SO many strategies from this one book- that's amazing!
    Learning to the Core


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