Freebie CAFE Signs!

Wow! Summer is flying by, isn't it?? Last spring I had grandiose visions of all the awesome things I would do to get ready for next year (am I the only one?)... reading professional books, lesson planning, and making things for my classroom. Well, I've been really great with the reading, but the rest of my to-do list has been neglected... until now! I've made some new CAFE signs!

Last year I moved up to 1st grade from K, and decided to follow The Sisters' CAFE structure for reading workshop. I loved the organization it offered, and with a lot of my own personal tweaks it worked very well in my class. I especially loved how the actual "CAFE" wall made the reading strategies concrete for my students; during reflection time, they would refer to the wall and explain which strategies they used and how it helped them become a better reader.
Here a student from my class refers to our CAFE wall as she reflects on her growth as a reader during her student-led conference.
As you can (kind of) see from the picture, my signs were a little bit drab. I wanted to make then more visually pleasing for this year, so here they are....
So what do you think? If you like them, feel free to click on the picture and grab a copy for your own classroom!
Do you use the CAFE as part of your reading workshop?

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  1. I love these signs, Karli! I'll totally use them next year. Even 4th graders need the visual reminder for what they're focusing on during reading, and these signs are so cute! Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks, Jenni! Glad you find them useful :) Share with others!


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