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Last month I linked up with Jess from I {Heart} Recess and set some goals for June. It really did help me to be more mindful about how I was spending my time. Since I did pretty well by meeting most of those goals, I've decided to link up again!
Personal: Now that July is here and there are a lot of things I want to do during the rest of the summer, I'm going to try to plan out my time more: when I'm working out, blogging, relaxing. If I'm not careful, I can be easily distracted (Pinterest, Facebook...anyone?) I want to be intentional about my time because before long, it'll be back to school!

Family: We've been spending a lot of time together, but I have to admit that we haven't been having game night like I had hoped. My goal is to turn off the TV and make invite my boys to go for a walk, play cards, or do something that does not involve sitting in front of a screen!

Health: I really like to cook (and bake), but don't often have time to try healthy new recipes during the school year. I tend to repeat the same meals over and over and sometimes they aren't the most healthy- more "kid friendly" (it's hard with two kids with totally different taste buds!!!) Well, I want to try some new recipes from Skinny Taste. If you aren't familiar with this site, I cannot recommend it enough- tons of delicious, healthy recipes made from fresh, good food!

School: I follow the CAFE framework to structure my reading workshop because I find that it helps me balance my instruction between all of the important components of reading. Having the CAFE wall this year was fantastic for my kids' reflections; they were easily able to refer to the wall and talk about their reading goals and which strategies helped them the most. My goal is to organize my mini-lessons and create new strategy cards to post on the wall (I don't have the kids write them like the Sisters suggest because I like to add little picture cues to help them remember what that particular strategy is. Plus, I'm a little OCD about how the cards look!)

Blog: Last month's goal was to add and link a facebook button- done! (yesterday :) I even added a pinterest button too. Both are thanks to Megan at I Teach. What's Your Superpower? Please check them out!
During July, I plan to blog about what I learn at my upcoming word inquiry/spelling workshop that I'll be attending THIS WEEK! :) {Hello, my name is Karli and I'm a word nerd.} I also finished reading Spelling K-8 by Diane Snowball and Faye Bolton, and it has a lot of great tips that I'd like to share, so if spelling and word study are areas of interest for you, follow me so you can read all about it!

Outside the Box: OK, this one kind of relates to the family goal; I need to work on putting. the. computer. down. Especially at night, before bed. Do you ever have trouble getting to sleep at night after working on the computer? This happens to me, so I need to try to relax and give my mind a rest.

On a personal note, I just got back form my son, Payton's, second ever pee wee football game- he got his fist interception! Yippeee! This boy LOVES football and he's so excited to be playing. Isn't he cute in his uniform? :)

So what are your goals for July?

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  1. Hi Karli! Turn off the tech sounds good but boy would that be hard for me!! I just found your cute blog, I'm your newest follower!
    Science for Kids Blog

  2. I am glad to have found your blog through the goals linky and to be your newest follower! :o)


  3. My July Goals are so similar to many of yours! So glad to find you through the linky! Good luck with turning off technology and using your time more efficiently. I'll be working on these with you! :)

    I'm your newest follower :)

    Read With Me ABC


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