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Whew! I finished my 17th year of teaching, my 1st year in first grade, packed up EVERYTHING in my classroom (I'll be in a new room next year) and flew the 20 hours that it takes to get back to the western hemisphere- all in the span of about 4 days! I'm finally getting over the jet lag (YIPPEEEE!) and ready to link up with Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried it Tuesday!

Needless to say, one of the first things I LOVE to do once I'm back in the States for summer break is to go shopping! Now I know all of us love summer shopping, but it's different for me...there is no Target, Walmart, Dollar Store (you get the idea) in Bangladesh, so when I get back, I desperately need absolutely love some retail therapy!

I found a wonderfully neat and fully-stocked Dollar Tree store with tons of cute stuff that I don't need could use for my classroom! One of the best items was the package of good ol' foam shapes. I love using foam shapes for bulletin board displays. They can be especially handy if you like to make a "back to school" welcome board with all your new students' names. I find that the younger students really love seeing their names posted as part of the class, so I do this every year.

I saw these soccer balls and thought of the headline, "Kicking off a great year in 1st grade!"
There are red, white and blue balls included- I think they'll look great against some green butcher paper!
Technically I haven't tried this yet, but I plan to buy a couple of white paint pens and write each student's name across the ball. Here's an example I made digitally:
If you're not such a neat writer, you could always type the names, print them and then glue it on.
The Dollar Tree also had butterflies, flowers, and circles. Last year those circles would have come in handy when my welcome board  was a gum ball machine that read, "Wel-GUM to 1st Grade!" I had traced the circles with a plastic lid onto construction paper then cut them out. Unfortunately I don't have a picture :( At the end of the year when we reflected on some favorite memories ("OWL" Remember, which you can read about HERE), one of my students actually wrote about the "gum joke". I asked her what she meant, and she replied, "You know, the gum balls! Wel-GUM to 1st grade!" Oh yeah, how could I forget! I though it was so sweet that she remembered that, hopefully because it was fun and light-hearted which are some of the feelings I want my kids to have when they are in my class! :)

Do you usually create a "back to school" bulletin board? I'd love to hear some of your favorite ideas.
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  1. Whew! Your opening paragraph makes me tired just reading it! I love the Dollar Tree too. I just bought vinyl adhesive scrapbook paper for the first time and cut letters using my Cricut. Then, they just peel and stick which would work great for your cutouts! Just a thought in case the pen doesn't work:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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