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The tech coordinator at my school forwarded the following link to us this week, 50 Inspiring Children's Books from Positively Positive. Check it out- it's a great collection of books that promote confidence, creativity and positivity.
I immediately loved the whole vibe of the site; I mean who couldn't use a little more positive energy in their life?? I clicked on their Pinterest link and starting perusing their boards. On their blog board, I found inspiration in the following...

I started to think about what I think "counts most". Yes, reading, writing and mathematics count, but there are so many more meaningful ideas and concepts that children need to be taught. I make an effort to include what may be labeled as "character education" in my class and I feel it's essential in creating a thoughtful classroom (pun intended!)

I love the list above, especially effort and resilience. Children don't always realize that how hard they try, and their ability to recover from a mistake has a direct impact on their success in life. In our class, we frequently remind each other to "try your best and forget the rest." This little phrase has done a lot to increase our sense of community and even each child's self-confidence. I love it when I overhear students supporting each other with these words of encouragement!

What do you teach that you think "counts most"?

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