Poetry Reflections

As we are a little more the half way through our poetry unit, I wanted students to reflect on their learning in a thoughtful way. I was inspired by a graphic organizer I found in Kath Murdoch's book, Take a Moment! 40 Frameworks for Reflective Thinking, so I reproduced my own version for students to use for poetry.
I'd share, but not all of the clip art is "free" :(

Before I set my little ones loose with this organizer  we had a group discussion that tied back to the beginning of our writing unit- how to see with poets' eyes, and how that requires an author to use his/her imagination as well as their knowledge. I started off by modeling and then they shared their ideas. Here are our thoughts from that conversation.

I was really happy with how this organizer got my students thinking about poetry in different ways and on a different level.

How do you guide students' reflections? Do you have a favorite thinking organizer?

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