A "Following" Frenzy!

I am loving getting to know other bloggers! This weekend I have "met" some wonderful people who have already inspired me. :) Wonderful people who want to follow my blog, like Stacy and Dina from The Real Teachers of Orange County, but they weren't sure how as I didn't have a GFC followers gadget. Which got me thinking.....How do you prefer to follow a blog? It's a question that a newbie blogger should consider.

There are so many ways:
  • RSS  (need to add)
  • Blog lovin'  (got it!)
  • Google Friends Connect (GFC) (got it!)
  • Google+  (got it!)
  • by email  (got it!)
  • Facebook (coming soon...)
  • Pinterest  (got it, but need a button!)
  • Instagram (just spotted on my radar yet- one step at a time!)
Phew! I'm tired!

I had heard that GFC will soon be retired, so I made the rookie move of deleting that gadget form my blog. I figured, well, I'll have Google+, people can join my circle! :) However, many bloggers already have GFC and use it to determine their following and to follow others. OOPSIE!

So, I googled (of course!) how to get that gadget back and I found this post at Stramaxon.com which explain the whole google drama. So maybe that's why a lot of the AWESOME blogger tutorials out there are based on the pre-google+ dashboard (and why I haven't mastered the pin-it button for posts yet).

Since I plan to add a blogging page, I thought it was worth asking, how do you prefer to follow a bog? I have been a "follow by email" kinda girl, but it would probably be easier to consolidate everything with blog lovin'- I'll have a think on it.

Please leave a comment about how you follow other blogs. Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. I have just started using Bloglovin'. So far, I really like it.

  2. Hi Karli--thanks so much for commenting on my blog! That's how I found my way over here :) Your blog is adorable, and I love the title.



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